Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rewind the video, please.............

I have two precious grandchildren who have been the light of my life since their birth!  Sometimes they are little angels and other times they are very challenging.  My granddaughter is the strong willed one and my grandson plays the "clueless" part.....which I don't fall for one minute!  He reminds me a lot of myself at his age.

One evening, a few years ago, they spent the night with me.  It was probably a Wednesday night after church.  After they had gotten their baths I walked into their bathroom to pick up their wet towels.  To my panicked surprise there were matches all over the floor.  Grant it, I should have never had matches in a bathroom where kids are, but be that as it may, I picked them all up and headed to their bedroom for the "talk". 

"Which one of you got into the matches?", I asked.  "Not me." Alissa said.  "I didn't do it.", Peyton said. "Well, somebody in here had to do it because I know I didn't!"  Then I gave them the lecture of how dangerous it was to play with matches and how one strike could burn Nana's house down.  Then I asked again, "Who was playing with the matches?"  I got the same reply from both of them "I didn't do it, Nana!"

Finally, I told them that it would be much better for them if they just confessed rather than me finding out who did it...."and I WILL find out." I told them.  I got no reply from either of them until I said, "Okay...I'm going to my bedroom to pray about this and Jesus will tell me who did it."  When I turned to walk away  Peyton, who believes me when I say I have eyes in the back of my head, began to fidget.  He said, "Nana, wait a minute.  Let me rewind my video from today."  He took his little finger and pointed it at his ear and began to move it in circles like we used to do when we thought someone was crazy.  He rewound his video with his eyes moving back and forth as he muttered little sounds...."Ooh,  hmmm,  okay.....hmmm.  Well....Nana, I.....might.... have done it."  Well, praise the Lort!  A sinner has come home!!!  It was all I could do to keep a straight face!

A week or so later when they were back at Nana's house to spend the night again, I was doing the usual routine of picking up their wet towels.  What looked like hair spray or something was all over the bathroom mirror!  I asked a simple question my precious grandkids, "what is this all over the mirror?", and got the oddest reply from my grandson!  "I didn't do it, Nana!!  You can ask Jesus and He will TELL you I did NOT do it!"

I have to admit.....I must have made an impression on him, because the Nana that's always had eyes in the back of her head, NOW has a direct telephone line to Jesus.............and I DO, my precious kids!  Don't ever forget it!

Laughter is the best medicine indeed!!!

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