Monday, May 24, 2010

I love Jewelry......

Whether silver or gold, diamonds or pearls, rubies or sapphires.....I love jewelry. I wear it everyday. It's like my cell phone.....if I forget it, I will turn around and go back and get it. It makes me feel good. It makes a perfect gift. I save it for a rainy day. I treasure it. I collect it. I wear it on my wrists. I place it around my neck. I slip it on my fingers. I hang it on my ears like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Jewelry....... the perfect finishing touch.

But.....there is one thing far greater than silver or gold, diamonds or pearls, rubies or sapphires. No, it's not SHOES. However, I must admit, shoes make any outfit look like a million bucks! I will give you a few hints......:

It's something we're always looking for.
It's profitable, priceless and desirable.
It's satisfying and it adds life if you find it.
It will protect you, guard you and it's the wisest thing you can possibly do.
It's something we need and it's something we have......
But it's not something we always use.
It's described as a "she"........although, I'm not sure why.'s WISDOM. Happy are those who hold her tightly.

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