Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.....

          Who's the fairest of them all?   I woke up this morning with a poem already in my head.  Grabbed a pen and wrote it down before I could forget it.  Sometimes I wonder about this brain of mine.  Here it title.

I woke up this morning
Thought I'd see a brand new  me;
When I looked into the mirror
It was NOT what I wanted to see! 

Last night I didn't eat
So I could see the scales go down;
And the cream I put on my face
Didn't phase my natural frown.

So I threw my sholders back
Held my stomach in so tight;
Took another look at me
And I said, "Girl!  Your're lookin' fine!

After I wrote this poem, I had a chuckle because I thought about my Grandmother Wallace.  She was a funny lady.  If you complemented my Grandmother Wallace, she would reply, "I know....!" or, "I know I'm beautifull!" And then she would follow up with her laughter......oh the laughter!  I loved it!  If she had insecurities, she never showed it.  She was a strong lady.  She did what she had matter if she wanted to or not.  Sounds like my mother!.......sounds like me!

........I'm just sayin'!