Monday, May 24, 2010

Olive Oil............

When I was little I remember sitting on an old wooden pew in a church my grandpa built. I was listening to the ancient hymns being sung with words I could not grasp. I always wondered why the song "I'm Too Near Home" talked about tobacco. "...there's nothing to go back to..." I didn't hear any other part of the song except "tobacco"......well, it sounded like tobacco to me!

My aunt Susie, who is like my sister, used to think "Saybut" was a girls name. "O Saybut I'm glad...I'm glad". And someone wrote a special song for Popeye's girlfriend. "Olive Oil....Yes Olive Oil!" You may know it as "I'll live on...yes I'll live on"

Not only did we mis-interpret the old hymns back then, but we also....for entertainment purposes....changed the words. For example: "Well....I wouldn't take nothin' for my Jersey cow. Gotta milk her tomorrow somehow!" That song was "I Wouldn't Take Nothin For My Journey Now".
When I was old enough to read, my friends and I would make word games out of hymn titles. I'll Fly Away "in the bathroom". Or....When The Redeemed Are Gathering In..."in the bathroom". Mind you, we did not play this game at home or after church....or even before church. No....we played it during the preaching. Sorry, mom! I've long since repented of this one.

I'm sure if you were a mature adult back then and thought the hymnal was "holy" you might not find the humor in all of this. I'm just sayin'.........

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