Monday, July 5, 2010

Smile awhile and give your face a rest................

As I’m laying back in the dental chair and a surgery lamp hanging over my head, I have flash backs of childhood when technology was not what it is today. I have to commend the person who invented the little suction wand that removes excess saliva during the teeth cleaning process. When I was a kid, the hygienist gave us a paper cup of water and we did the three “S‘s“. We sipped, swished and spit. It was awkward and embarrassing as drool made it’s way down the side of the little green, porcelain spittoon and down my chin! Now that I’m older, I can think of so many things that were wrong about that. Unless there was a full time janitorial service to clean up after every patient’s hits and misses, I am horrified to think of being the last patient of the day! Which makes me think of a similar porcelain object in my home that grosses me out not nearly as much!

I also remember when the hygienists didn’t wear gloves or surgical masks. Today, thanks to OSHA, many more precautions are taken. I’m always happy to see my hygienist put on a fresh set of gloves before putting her hands in my mouth and I‘m especially appreciative when she‘s wearing a surgical mask. Knowing there is a barrier between her DNA and mine makes me feel much better. Yes….times have changed a lot.

Finally, after sitting quietly while the hygienist works magic on my smile, I recall other times when a previous hygienist asked way too many questions. Don’t you hate it when that happens! First of all asking all of those personal questions makes you want too say, “It’s non of your biz-wax”, but how can you say anything at all with her hand crammed in your mouth…..I’m just sayin‘!

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